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Easy to use,for a lifetime of comfort.

Ease of use,based in sensation comfort.

For TOTO, this does not simply mean comfort of movement. Ease of use, when it lasts a long time, becomes comfort in itself. For this purpose, TOTO has developed the internal valve based on users' touch. Designed from the ground up to provide a fundamental comfort in operation.
Ease of use,based in sensation comfort

Precise flow control, exclusive to TOTO.

Our exclusive technology means new functionality. We took the core component of the valve, the ceramic disc, and customized its shape for ease of use. Compared to conventional faucets, it’s easier to control water flow when just a little is required, such as when you are washing a contact lens. Because you can achieve the right amount of water flow instantly, it helps conserve water. *Adjustable flow functionality is only available for lavatory faucet for deck mounted types

Special coating for prolonged comfort.

The ceramic disc, a core valve component, is covered with a special DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. This ensures long-lasting quality over conventional faucets that use a greased valve.

That Quality : Only TOTO

The graph shows the number of years in use, and its operating force. It is evident that comfort lasts for a long time with models featuring COMFORT GLIDE.
Special coating for prolonged comfort




TBP02302B1+TBN01001B TBP02302B1+TBN01001B Wall-Mount Mixer Panel/Valve Cartridge +Univalve Box TBP02301B1+TBN01001B TBP02301B1+TBN01001B Wall-Mount Mixer Panel/Valve Cartridge +Univalve Box TBG07303BA+TBN01001B TBG07303BA+TBN01001B Wall-Mount Mixer/Valve+Box TBG07304BA+TBN01001B TBG07304BA+TBN01001B Wall-Mount Mixer/Valve+Box