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Ultra-smooth ceramic leaves nowhere for waste to cling.

CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. Its microscopic surface ridges are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Extremely durable, CEFIONTECT is designed for enduring beauty and cleanliness.

Eliminating the microscopic gaps where waste hides.

Conventional ceramic may appear perfectly smooth to the eyes, but has gaps where waste, mold and bacteria hide. At just one millionth of a millimeter, CEFIONTECT's surface ridges are much tinier than waste particles.
Eliminating the microscopic gaps where waste hides
Enlarged sectional image of toilet surface

What makes CEFIONTECT so durable?

Glass layers are burned onto conventional glaze, making CEFIONTECT an extremely durable material.
What makes CEFIONTECT so durable?CEFIONTECT toilet micrograph *1μm=0.001mm
What makes CEFIONTECT so durable?Which means TOTO ceramic is so smooth that the ridges are equivalent in scale to a human hair on a baseball field.

Water has a strong affinity to CEFIONTECT

Hydrophilic describes organisms and materials that attract water. CEFIONTECT is hydrophilic. Water spreads easily over the toilet bowl, so waste particles easily wash away.
Water has a strong affinity to CEFIONTECT




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