The company is established by Kazuchika Okura under the name of TOYO TOKI CO.,Ltd.,Which is later renamed to TOTO. Five Years previously ,In 1912. Okura had set up a laboratory to develop the kind of sanitary ceramics that had become common in Europe and America.(Ironically, considering how sophisticated Japan's bathroom culture is today.wooden toilet bowls were still prevalent and there was no sewage system.)With its first sales, Okura's company begins challenging accepted notions of cleanliness. something that TOTO continues do today.
The Great Kanto Earthquake strikes.devastating Tokuo.A sewage system is built during the reconstruction and the demand for sanitary ware grows rapidly.
After World War II,TOTO begins to manufacture metal fittings and faucets as well as ceramics. Ever Since,innovation in the field of precision machining technology has gone hand-in-hand with developments in the firing and casting of sanitary ware as two of TOTO's core businesses.
Japan is in the midst of its economic miracle when it hosts the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. And is enjoying the construction boom that accompanies it.TOTO is again at the forefront of bathroom technology, developing the prefabrication methods necessary to meet the need for mass production, which saves time and energy on construction. The modular prefabricated bathrooms TOTO creates for the 1,044 rooms th Tokyo's Hotel New Otani, opened for the Olympics, show how the company has perfected the combination of technology and design.
TOTO's first overseas factory opens: P.T. Surya TOTO Indonesia.
TOTO launches its WASHLET products. WASHLET has subverted the traditional way to toilet, replacing paper to water washing, bringing the consumers around the world a clean and comfortable bath experience.
Following in the wake of the WASHLET, TOTO starts moving its advanced technology into other products by introducing high-end modular kitchens.
TOTO begins trading in the USA, having already extended into Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. TOTO expands business to China in 1994.
The launch of the NEOREST toilet brings about the fullest realization yet of the principle of Clean Technology, incorporating the WASHLET and a comprehensive range of TOTO's innovations into a bathroom of the highest aesthetic and performance quality.
TOTO (CHINA) Co., Ltd. is formally established. After a dozen years of development, TOTO has currently set up 7 branches in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chongqing, and TOTO has also invested to establish 8 factories. China has become TOTO’s main production base and the important market in the world.
TOTO launches HYDROTECT, a oatented photocatalytic technology. The material's self-cleans and breads down pollutants in the air, making it ideal for external use. Easy to clean, it eliminates odours and bacteriamaking it ideal for internal use, too.
In order to provide real estate developers, architects, construction companies and other professionals more professional and comprehensive services, TOTO Beijing technical presentation center is established in 2003. In the following years, the technical presentation center has been established in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.
The TOTO Universal Design Research Centre is built. Its purpose is to create new products through an extensive process of customer dialogue and feedback.
TOTO Water Environmental Fund is set up in Beijing. The fund is used to finance and develop the public welfare such as water-saving and environmental activities and to foster environmental education and awareness of the whole society.
TOTO launches in Europe at the ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt. 10-14 March.
Green Challenge, TOTO has established a new environmental vision. As a leading brand in the field of bathroom industry, TOTO constantly launches the energy-saving and environmental products.
NEOREST intelligent automatic toilet incorporating AcTiLight technology makes its debut gorgeously. AcTiLight is an environmentally-friendly cleaning technology which is applied to inner wall of toilet and developed by TOTO independently. It can easily wash off remaining dirt and bacteria, saving cleaning water, and keep toilets clean for a long time.
The designers of TOTO keep creating valuable products to satisfy consumers. A great design combines the outside look and the inside function. TOTO’s CI CONTEMPORARY series won the iF Design Award 2014 and CⅡ CLASSIC series won the Red Dot Design Award as for their perfect designs.
In 2015, the "TOTO Museum" located at the headquarters of TOTO in Kitakyushu, Japan was officially completed. TOTO Museum is to welcome the 100 year anniversary in 2017, designed to inform the public about the history of sanitary products and the manufacturing concept of TOTO through all the years.
2017 is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of TOTO. TOTO has shown the world innovation and hard work since it established at ISH 2017 . The challenges are endless, and we are looking forward to the future. TOTO will also bring the DNA of "reform" to the next 100 year.
TOTO Washlet redefines “a comfortable life”.  Since its birth in 1980, Washlet products have  been sold worldwide for four decades, with  global sales exceeding 50 million units,  bringing consumers around the world clean,  healthy and comfortable water washing experience.