The Open of TOTO Shenzhen Flagship

Date: 2010.11.10 | NEWS

TOTO Shenzhen Flagship has opened at Nov. 16, 2011 at the address of No. 3008, Cai Tian Road, Hao Bai Nian B, Futian District, Shenzhen. The flagship will be TOTO’s representative flagship store in Shenzhen. The open of the flagship store also highlights the confidence of the market of TOTO and southern China.

The newly opened flagship store in Shenzhen has the collection of TOTO’s high-end series of technical products.NEOREST Series, NEW EXCELSIOR Series, JEWELHEX Series, Basic+ Series, YAYOI Series has all been displayed in the Shenzhen Super Space. The famous products of intelligent toilets, WASHLET, ECOMAX toilets are also shown in the store. TOTO has a wealth of product line, superior product quality, and a wide choice of products for their customers. Especially in environmental protection, TOTO as a pioneer in the field of water-saving environmental protection has been committed to the problems of saving limited resources and global environmental protection.

TOTO's ECOMAX toilet uses the least water to do the best flushing. The ECOPOWER faucet is saving energy and eco. Hydrotect tiles have the function of purifying the air, and the tiles can use the rain to complete the self-cleaning. TOTO’s products make more people unconsciously make their contributions to the environment. The pursuit of TOTO is to provide consumers with a variety of high-quality products, and develop the products that can make every customer live comfortable. The open of TOTO Shenzhen flagship will help consumers to better show the products, and increase the customers’ understanding of TOTO’s products and technologies.

The set-up of TOTO's flagship in Shenzhen continues to consolidate TOTO’s leading position in the field of bathroom industries, and even to achieve the good reputation from the public in Shenzhen.

If you want to experience TOTO’s intelligent technologies, and enjoy the comfortable, happy bathroom life, welcome to visit TOTO’s Super Space in Shenzhen.
Address: No. 3008, Cai Tian Road, Hao Bai Nian B, Futian District, Shenzhen.
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