The Stage of the Green Dream Time

Date: 2010.04.19 | Exhibition Info


Here is the stage of the green dream, where you can experience sunshine, air, seas and forests.

TOTO Brings HYDROTECT to the Whole World.

The technology of HYDROTECT restores our beautiful planet with natural power. HYDROTECT is the purification technology for cleaning the global environment through the power of light and water, and is applied to the outer walls of buildings and the grounds of the interior walls at present. It can also be widely applied to various materials such as cements, external wallboards, PC plastics, metal wallboards, stone materials, etc.

HYDROTECT, as “the global technology invented by Japan”, was highly appraised by numerous overseas enterprises and public institutions. Building green and environment-friendly architectures has already been a very important subject, and HYDROTECT will become the necessary technology applied to the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of buildings.

Time: March 29, 2010 (Monday)—April 1 (Thursday)
Place: Shanghai New International Expo Centre located at No.2345, Longyang Road, Shanghai, China
The exhibition booth of TOTO: W1B01
Area: 207 m2

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