Close contact with intelligent bathroom, Shanghai TPC reopen

Date: 2012.05.22 | NEWS

Shanghai TPC which is located on the 3rd floor of Shanghai flagship has reopened at No. 408, Yishan Rd., Shanghai.on May. 22, 2012. The new appearance of Shanghai TPC, whether from the regional division or display technology, is a massive change, showing more technical and fashionable. 


The first and second floor of TOTO Shanghai future space flagship are the retail places opened for common consumers. The third floor of Shanghai TPC provides the technical proposal to real estate developers, designers center, construction companies, such as the professional services of technology demonstration and the product experiences. It also provides sanitary ware products integration solutions to the professionals. The reopen of Shanghai TPC, the space layout is more rational, has more directly technology demonstrations, add new VIP intelligent areas, using a lot of intelligent auxiliary products, more in line with the positioning of the intelligent bathroom experts.

TOTO Shanghai TPC has displayed 2012 new products of NEW WASHLET APPRICOT, the new NEOREST intelligent toilet with functions of sanitizing technology, hybrid flush system, flush volume of only 3L/3.8L. In order to help the users to get more deep understandings of TOTO’s products, TOTO provides you with detailed technical demonstrations, you can have clear impression of hybrid technology, the sanitizing technology, and including the washlet functions of heating seat, intelligent deodorant, hip washing, women care washing, you can also have a visual experience and understanding. At the TPC site, you can also through the IPHOHE, IPAD, ITOUCH to remote operation of automatic TOTO intelligent seated toilets, realize the intelligent household life. 


In order to bring the abstract tips of bathroom "technology" to show come out, TOTO Shanghai TPC has used many ways to their customers. In order to show the unique 3 D tornado technology, TOTO specially cut the toilet, through the transparent toilet model, you can clearly see the whole blunt water process: the keratocysts type swing flow, with powerful strength in toilet internal last swing, wall side parts increased a water outlet, which interacts with the edge outlet, forms the integrated 3 D flush effect, it is this unique blunt water solution to the problem of "low noise and water-saving washing difficult to coexist"; In order to clearly show gydrostream technology, with the aid of the illuminate of variable frequency lights, you can see the water spin technology unique water: rapid rotation of water like a flower bloom. It is this unique water technology that we can also enjoy SPA feeling; In the massage technology experience area, you can put your hands on the experience of specific setting in the mouth, feeling of this unique massage technology bring you perfect experience. In the exhibition hall, the "transparent bathtub" is also be displayed, the surfing massage and whirlpool massage technologies are both displayed in front of you, make you have more deep understanding of TOTO's intelligent massage bathtubs. In addition, the eco power technology, the aerial technology, the hydrotect technology, the bathroom heating dryer are also displayed in front of the visitors.


For hundreds of years, TOTO based on cutting-edge technology continuous research and development, creates a leading sanitary ware products, will defend bath into everyone's intelligent family. As a professional services center, Shanghai TPC will provide users with fashionable sanitary tide, advanced bathroom concept, the latest industry advanced technology, and to provide real estate developers, designers, construction companies the professional design plans of housing, hotels, public buildings. TOTO Shanghai TPC is also a fashionable and elegant environment center, with smart software and hardware configuration. It also will become an ideal place for professionals’ communication.

Welcome to Shanghai TPC, feel the intelligent bathroom charm.


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