Intelligent Bathroom Expert – The Opening Ceremony of TOTO Shijiazhuang Flagship

Date: 2012.05.08 | NEWS

TOTO Shijiazhuang flagship has opened on May. 10, 2012. The different styles of NEOREST Series, NEW EXCELSIOR Series, JEWELHEX Series, NEXUS Series have all be displayed in the flagship. The flagship can provide personalized overall proposals to customers who are pursuit for high quality life, and make them feel the intelligent bathroom life. TOTO Shijiazhuang Flagship is located on the crossroad of Kuian Road and Tangu Street, Yuhua district, an area of nearly 1000 square meters.


The Peak of Intelligent Bathroom, the high-end NEOREST Series
Into the flagship store, the most attractive eye is the NEOREST Hi-crystal Series. The unique light material builds a distinctive visual glamour. The lavatory is embedded LED light, and the wonderful downy lamplight instantly caught your eye. Set in the elegant blue button, you can easily control the flow of water size and temperature. NEOREST Hi-crystal series bathtub makes you dance with the water. The gyrostream showers, continuous swing flow, accelerate your blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, and bring you the SPA massage enjoyment. It is no doubt that the NEOREST intelligent toilet is the representative product of TOTO. When you come near the toilet, the lid opens automatically. When you finish the using, it will automatically flush and close the lid. In addition, NEOREST intelligent toilet has other functions of after-use cleaning, heat seat and warm dry. It fully displays the smart technology of TOTO.


Enjoy the water, enjoy the life 
It is no doubt that WASHLET is the star product of TOTO. The birth of WASHLET has changed the traditional clean habit. It not only reveals the user's quality of life, but also represents the new bathroom concept. Many customers who have higher requirements for life, and advocate healthy quality life have set the WASHELT as a modern bath of the essential products. Lots of WASHLET products is displaying on the second floor of Shijiazhuang flagship. The introduction of the washlet functions such as "water demonstration", "heat seat", "intelligent deodorant", "warm dry" can make consumers have more intuitive and more detailed understanding about TOTO’s product.


The eco life, the green future
If intelligence can show TOTO’s scientific and technological strength, the environmental protection is TOTO’s corporate social responsibility to the natural. In the flagship hall, you can see ECOMAX toilet, the eco power faucets and other eco products. The ECOMAX toilet which flush volume is only 4.2L uses cefiontect technology and tornado flushing technology. Mystery is from the special research and development innovation of TOTO’s ceramic glaze, beyond the super smooth surface nanometer scale, dirt is difficult to stick, easy to clean. And for the original tornado technology, the strong shift flow swings in the toilet wall for several weeks, and form a powerful vortex flow, will thoroughly wash away dirt. The strong flush ensures the force of the 4.2 L water-saving irrigation. TOTO’s eco power uses water for their own energy providing. When the faucet is open, the current will pass through the built-in miniature hydraulic vortex machine, and then scroll opportunity high rotation speed, the resulting energy into electrical energy, stored in a capacitor, the faucet is through the use of capacitance and the power to daily operation. 



The Popularity of Second-tier City & Third-tier City, sread advanced Bathroom Concept
Since TOTO formally entered China in 1995, it has become the domestic brand bathroom leader. In the Chinese market, TOTO has extended its market from First-tier City like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to Second-tier City & Third-tier City. Rapid development of inland city contains rich customer resources; At the same time,
inland city consumers have more and more urgent need for their quality of life. As the saying of the General Manager, Mr. Ablet of TOTO (China) Co., Ltd.: TOTO's development in China must be laid out in back to society, use at the basis of society. Choose to open the flagship store in Shijiazhuang is not only to the development of Hebei province in future, but also hopes more Chinese people can enjoy the high quality, bring TOTO’s super comfortable bathroom life to their customers.
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