The Pursuit of Friendship, Dream and the Future—2012 TOTO Cup International Children I-go Contest is Completed Successfully

Date: 2012.09.06 | Market Promotion

2012围棋比赛TOTO Cup International Children I-go Contest was successfully held in Kitakyushu City of Japan on August 6, 2012. The contest of this year has invited Chinese players from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian and Taiwan as well as the players having won the preliminaries held in the cities of Kitakyushu in Japan, altogether over 300 children. In order to increase the participation and interest of the contest, this year’s contest has also invited some professional I-go players, played fun games of I-go and discussed with the contestants on the contest day so as to deepen the little players’ understandings of I-go and improve the friendships of both countries.

TOTO Cup International Children I-go Contest began in 2004, when all the contestants came from Kitakyushu. The contest began to invite the teen-age players outside of Japan to take part in since the fourth contest in 2007, therefore formally developed into the international contest. TOTO has always considered sponsoring the contest as the important part of the CRS activities and provided special sponsorship ever since the first contest in 2004, offered full support to all aspects including not only funds but also the operation of the contest. In order to solve the problem of Chinese mainland and Taiwan children in the Japanese language, and in order to give these junior players to provide better service, TOTO specially appointed China and Taiwan staff for the contest to provide the translation services.

I-go to establish the friendship, to realize the dream, to meet a better future. Through the international children's I-go contest, not only broadens the horizon of small players, but also deepen the friendship between China and Japan.

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