2011 The 56th OMHWC Sponsor -- TOTO

Date: 2011.11.25 | Market Promotion

2011 The 56th OMHWC held in Haikou International Golf Resort at Nov. 24th-27th. Known as the "Olympic" Golf World Cup,this golf world cup was founded in 1953. It has the world's highest level, and it is the only confrontational professional contest by the form of country and territory delegation teams. During the golf contest, many star players will come to the 56th OMHWC held in Haikou International Golf Resort, and fight for their nations.

As one representative of today's high-end bathroom brand, since smart bathroom expert TOTO has sponsored for the first time "Mission Hills World star Golf Contest" last year, TOTO also fully supports for the 56th OMHWC which is held in Haikou International Golf Resort this year. The reason for liking the elegant sports of golf is the challenge presented by golf sporting and the pursuit of perfection, and TOTO’s positive brand image has the same spirit with Golf's. Founded in 1917, TOTO with its excellent quality, leading-edge technology and the human nature design has won wide acclaim and brand reputation during the last hundred years. Since entering China in 1995, TOTO's products have been very famous. TOTO has many projects such as the national stadium of China (bird's nest), China National Aquatics Center (water cube), the new National Grand Theater of China, the building of CCTV headquarter and numerous five-star hotels. You can see TOTO's products everywhere, and TOTO's high quality products are favored by many high-end people. TOTO's products are also highly recognized by the Mission Hills, including Mission Hills Golf Hotel in Haikou. Mission Hills Golf Hotel Dongguan and Shenzhen Mission Hills Bi Pei Ya Hotel Apartment have both used TOTO's products. TOTO is always supporting for the development of sports. TOTO as the sponsor for the 56th OMHWC this time is not only rendering a high level of the top golf tournament in the world, but also promoting golf development for China's booming.

The stars reflect and create a glory world on dedicating a full of passion and vitality of the golf tournament. At the same time, more people will understand TOTO's brand and intelligent bathroom life style. TOTO will witness the birth of the new generation Golf Championship with you on Nov. 24-27, 2011. 

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