In terms of materials, how many types of the TOTO bathtubs are there? What are the exclusive features of each bathtub?

The cast iron bathtub: It holds a good heat insulation performance, a long service life and ideal resistance to acids, alkalis and scratches. Yet, its cumbersomeness always incurs inconvenient construction.
The pearl bathtub: It holds a good heat insulation performance, various styles and fashionable elements and high glossiness. In addition, it is thicker than the acrylic bathtub to present the remarkable firmness.
The acrylic bathtub: It allows more patterns and easier construction. With respect to the heat insulation performance, it is superior to the steel plate bathtub; however, it is easy to age and its surface is not resistant to abrasion and can not be wiped or cleaned by hard objects such as steel wires.
Reinforced marble bathtubs: With a beautiful profile and seamless connection of the apron edge as well as the same thermal insulation property as that of the pearl bathtubs

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