Does the drainage connector of the TOTO toilet have any adverse influences on flush? Why?

No, it does not influence the flush. The reasons are listed as follows:
(1) It allows simple installation and easier construction.
(2) Its connection is made of PVC with strong acid-resistance and corrosion-resistance and ensures a 50-year service life.
(3) It ensures the accuracy of the distance between the wall and the product manufactured through batch production.
(4) It ensures the firmness, leak tightness of the drainage junctions (with the method of fixing the drainage connector first and then installing the toilet).
(5) For the ceramic drainage pipe, it is difficult to eliminate the blockage but easy for the drainage connector.
(6) The drainage accessories made of PVC products can ensure the uniform thickness of the drainage pipe diameter and more ideal flushing effects(the ceramic materials will have a contractibility rate of 6%-10% in firing, thus with tolerances existing.)

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