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      • Model:
      • Product Name:
      • Size:
      • Color:
      • Flush Type:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
        0.05MPa(Dynamic Pressure) ~ 0.75MPa (Static Pressure)
      • Power Source:
      • Power:
        310W (TCF326CS)
        304W (TCF306CS)
      • Flush tank capacity:
      • Water Heating Mode:
        Water tank
      • Control Type:
        control panel
      • Remarks:
        Stores for
        With functions of drying and deodorization (TCF326CS only)
      • Technology:
      • With warm water cleasing, heated seat, warm air drying and deodorization united in one, providing more comfortable and healthy washing service
      • Showerhead with separate water channels designed for respectively cleaning buttocks and private part of female, secure and sanitary for use
      • The private parts washing function takes more care of women during their special physiological periods. As for pregnant women, such function of WASHLET, in the case of their difficult turnaround, can help them wash their private parts.
      • Water temperature and water pressure adjustable according to your favorite
      • WASHLET giving out comfortable warm air to make your washed hip dried and refreshed
      • Thermal resistant toilet seat controlled by computer with freely adjustable temperature, making you feel warmer even for use in winter
      • With auto-deodorization device, keeping clean air in the bathroom all the time
      • Before and after use, the nozzle will perform a strict self cleaning to ensure safer use.
      • With hand-control cleaning function, convenient for cleaning
      • Toilet cover, seat and spray nozzle made from antibacterial materials for secure use
      • With timed power-saving function, reducing power consumption maximally
      • Simple removal and easy cleaning
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