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      • Series Name:
        Jewelhex Series
      • Model:
      • Product Name:
        Elongated two-piece toilet
      • Size:
      • Nominal Water Consumption:
      • Dual Flush Volume:
      • Water efficiency grade:
        Grade 2
      • Drainage mode:
        Rear Drainage
      • Flush Type:
      • Toilet Rough-in:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
        0.05MPa(Dynamic Pressure)~0.75MPa(Static Pressure)
      • Color:
      • Technology:
      • Jewelhex series products of diamond-like appearance, showing unique visual attraction of bathroom space
      • With CeFiONtect and smooth surface exceeding nanometer-class designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
      • Without need of excessive water and cleaning agent
      • With water-saving and environment-friendly flush mode of switchable 3/6L water volume
      • Softclose hard toilet cover of ceramic effect, making the toilet seat and cover be closed quietly
      • Fully-enclosed bottom and concealed water inlet valve behind water tank, for nice appearance and easy cleaning
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