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      • Model:
      • Product Name:
        Above counter lavatory
      • Size:
      • Practical Capacity:
      • Installation Type:
        Above-counter Type
      • Inlet Water Temperature:
      • Outlet Water Temperature:
      • Material:
      • Sensing Distance:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
      • Color:
      • Same Style:
        LW501B used for 8-in. faucet
        LW501CFB used for single-hole faucet
        LW501CB used for 4-in. faucet
      • Technology:
      • Above counter lavatory for easy installation and simple maintenance
      • The internal tub is of large capacity so that it is easy to use and practical.
      • Single, 4-in. and 8-in. mounting holes of water hydrants available to meet different consumers’ requirements
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