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      • Series Name:
        ESQUNALE Series
      • Model:
      • Product Name:
        Wall-embedded single-handle mixer for shower/bathtub
      • Power:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
        0.1MPa(Dynamic Pressure)~0.75MPa(Static Pressure)
      • Color:
      • Remarks:
        DB173C WaterEfficiency:3
        Retail Only
      • Technology:
      • The avant-garde artistic tendencies, intelligent shape design, more exquisite and perfect for shower
      • Large apron plate, soft water as warm rain shower your body, like a natural kind
      • Apron plate is thinner than DB130C, only 10MM
      • Unique technology of eco power can do energy saving and environmental protection
      • Soft LED lighting makes you feel warm and romantic while in the shower
      • New shower body can swing your body while having a shower, and have the function of bi-directional swinging.
      • Operation is simple and flexible. Feel comfortable to use
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