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      • Model:
      • Product Name:
        Cast iron bathtub
      • Size:
      • Capacity:
      • Number of shower nozzles:
      • Massage Type:
      • Power:
      • RatedPower:
      • Type:
        Deep bathtub, without apron
      • Drainage accessories:
        The drain hardware DB505R-3A/B shall be fitted additionally.
      • Color:
      • Same Style:
        FBY1760CHP with grab bar
        FBY1760CP without grab bar
      • Technology:
      • Cast iron material, solid and durable
      • Solid and level glaze with good resistance to acid and alkalinity
      • Anti-skid bottom design, considerate and careful
      • Metal-made grab bar of bathtub, secure and firm
      • Spliced apron, easy to install and maintain
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