• IF Product Design Award
  • REDDOTS Design Award
  • Good Design Award
The fashionable and compact appearance design and beautiful figure add the aesthetic feeling of space. The water pan with integrated design is easy to use, and avoids spatter of water drops. It features low noise and rapid drying.
  • TYC323W
  • CES4731ECS
  • CES403ECS
  • CI现代系列——洗面器
  • CI现代系列——浴缸
  • Contemporary
  • MRZ710C CB1/MRZ710C CB2
  • TMX95A-V200
  • DL349E
  • DLE110AS
  • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
NEOREST Washbasin
NEOREST Washbasin
Gentle and elegant light welled up in the dark night, with slow water streams, NEOREST washbasin, just like a flying dancer on the stage, will instantly catch your eyes. The semitransparent shadow materials will present transparent and crystal-clear visual effect. Touch buttons set off in the elegant blue light, easy control of water temperature and stream, your vision and touch will be summoned to a dreamlike stage.
  • CI series bathroom Furniture
  • LW3717HB
  • LW3716HB
  • Hand Shower
  • DBX117CA
  • DL369
  • DL224
  • TCF4732CS-TCF4722CS
  • DL356
  • PYK1820C
  • CW998B
  • MRZ740C PA1/MRZ740C PA6
  • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
  • MR720CCR1
One-piece Toilet
One-piece Toilet
Integrating water conservation and cleanness, excellent water-saving toilets.
  • CES993WCS
  • CES4721ECS/CES4731ECS
  • CW636B
  • TEXN20AL-V200R
  • DLE126A1+DLE124DH+DLE424SMA
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