• IF Product Design Award
  • REDDOTS Design Award
  • Good Design Award
CES4731ECS Smart One-piece Toilet
CES4731ECS Smart One-piece Toilet
The combination of one-piece pedestal pan and WASHLET is perfect – the two products are perfectly combined in appearance. WASHLET, which has ultra thin design, is fashionable and beautiful. The various parts (such as installation wire) can be hidden easily, which integrates well with the whole pedestal pan, and the design is unique. Its smart sensing function can make the cover open/close automatically, which makes the use more convenient. The unique SANITIZING TECHNOLOGY can make the residual bacteria and dirt by common flushing removed, realizing the real cleaning.
  • Neorest NX
  • LW5616B/CB
  • LW5616B/CB
  • LW4715B LW4716B
  • LW4706B LW4724B
  • TYC323W
  • CES4731ECS
  • CES403ECS
  • CI现代系列——洗面器
  • CI现代系列——浴缸
  • Contemporary
  • MRZ710C CB1/MRZ710C CB2
  • TMX95A-V200
  • DL349E
  • DLE110AS
  • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
Neorest NX
Neorest NX
Constantly at work, automated technologies keep surfaces hygienic and maintain a place that is always inviting and comfortable to use.
  • Neorest NX
  • GA series lavatory faucet
  • GR series
  • GO series
  • GS series lavatory faucet
  • CI series bathroom Furniture
  • LW3717HB
  • LW3716HB
  • Hand Shower
  • DBX117CA
  • DL369
  • DL224
  • TCF4732CS-TCF4722CS
  • DL356
  • PYK1820C
  • CW998B
  • MRZ740C PA1/MRZ740C PA6
  • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
  • MR720CCR1
One-piece Toilet
One-piece Toilet
Integrating water conservation and cleanness, excellent water-saving toilets.
  • CES993WCS
  • CES4721ECS/CES4731ECS
  • CW636B
  • TEXN20AL-V200R
  • DLE126A1+DLE124DH+DLE424SMA
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