• IF Product Design Award
  • REDDOTS Design Award
  • Good Design Award
It has elegant appearance, and the integral wall-mounting design is simple and fashionable. The luxurious golden remote controller has noble texture. The top design of NEOREST series is followed, and NEOREST GE is featured by multiple intelligent sanitary technologies of TOTO. “Automatic flushing”, “automatic opening/ closing”, “automatic deodorizing”- a series of sensing function perfectly exhibits artificial intelligence. The product, which is endowed with the functions of WASHLET, integrates such functions as warm water flushing, dryer, heated seat and deodorizer. The creative cleaning technology in the industry - SANITIZING TECHNOLOGY - can make the residual bacteria and dirt by common flushing removed. 3D TORNADO FLUSHING TECHNOLOGY makes powerful and water-saving flushing realized.
  • TYC323W
  • CES4731ECS
  • CES403ECS
  • CI现代系列——洗面器
  • CI现代系列——浴缸
  • Contemporary
  • MRZ710C CB1/MRZ710C CB2
  • TMX95A-V200
  • DL349E
  • DLE110AS
  • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
CI series bathroom Furniture
CI series bathroom Furniture
CI series bathroom Furniture realizes the perfect combination of washbasin, toilet cabinet and makeup mirror. The large-size on-table basin design features to be luxury and fashion. With simple and precise appearance, delicate narrow-side design, without excessive ornament, the style is modern and concise. Besides, with collection cabinet and makeup mirror in human-centered design, the space sends fascinating charm.
  • CI series bathroom Furniture
  • LW3717HB
  • LW3716HB
  • Hand Shower
  • DBX117CA
  • DL369
  • DL224
  • TCF4732CS-TCF4722CS
  • DL356
  • PYK1820C
  • CW998B
  • MRZ740C PA1/MRZ740C PA6
  • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
  • MR720CCR1
One-piece Toilet
One-piece Toilet
Integrating water conservation and cleanness, excellent water-saving toilets.
  • CES993WCS
  • CES4721ECS/CES4731ECS
  • CW636B
  • TEXN20AL-V200R
  • DLE126A1+DLE124DH+DLE424SMA
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