Technology lightens life——TOTO made presence at Kitchen & Bath China 2014

Date: 2014.06.06 | Exhibition Info


The 19th Kitchen & Bath China was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 28th, 2014. The exhibition is the biggest scaled international platform in Asia for all the professionals related with the kitchen and bath sectors and industries. Intelligent Sanitary Expert TOTO demonstrated the latest NEOREST automatic toilets, the CI CONTEMPORARY Series, the CII CLASSIC Series, WASHLET, ECOMAX toilets and the disable equipment to show a brand new sanitary world to the consumers.


Feel the AcTilight

NEOREST of TOTO is undoubtedly the greatest representative of the products which combine technology with art perfectly. The bathtub, toilet, lavatory and shower, each single product belongs to this suite series was displayed as one unit. Not only the advanced technology has been shown up, but also the fashion design has been unveiled. The biggest spot of this exhibition is definitely NEOREST toilet CES993WCS, which is the new and latest intelligent sanitary product.


The design of NEOREST toilet CES993WCS is full of simple lines, elegance and unique without any tediousness. The golden color used in the details and remote control pluses a piece of luxury to the product. The toilet will create a water veil covering the entire surface every time before the usage as to make the waste not easy to adhere. When the cover is closed, elegant blue light appears and the AcTilight technology starts to sterilize the bacteria under the function of UV ultraviolet light. The toilet even can be used for long years due to the technology which is able to keep it as clean as a new one. Besides the AcTilight technology, NEOREST toilet CES993WCS also has abundant original technologies such as Sanitizing, Hybrid, Tornado flushing, Cefiontect, Auto-sensing and all the Washlet functions which TOTO is proud of.


There’s a saying that technology lightens life when these leading technologies make the toilet be presented to consumers not just a sanitary product, but a new bathing life as well.

The blend of classic and contemporary design


Another bright spot of TOTO’s show space is the CI CONTEMPORARY Series and the CII CLASSIC Series. The faucet of CI series is designed as an “L” to be applied with simple design language to show fashionable charm of the elegance and personalized combinations. The classic gooseneck design looks like a beautiful curvature of the first quarter moon. This series can meet each different requirement and create popular tendency as a factor of the capacity of tremendous combinations, which means the series’ personalized combination and different models of faucets can match any washbasins, and be installed in any places. With perfect design, the CI CONTEMPORARY Series of faucets, washbasins and bathtubs have won the 2014 IF Design Award.


The CII CLASSIC series perfectly combines contemporary popularity and classical elegance with noble golden tone. Freestanding bathtub with the complement of classic cat foot shaped stands makes the bathing room gorgeous. Two patterns of 8-inch two-handle lavatory faucets belong to this series have won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award.


TOTO’s products have gained so many recognitions and attentions from the international design community and have won a lot of international design awards. The innovative design and the leadership of TOTO are proved again by the winning of the CI CONTEMPORARY Series and the CII CLASSIC Series. Because of the unique design, these two series are widely equipped in many high-end luxury hotels.

Fun of shower

Relaxing and enjoyment in the shower become the most necessary eager to everyone nowadays. TOTO displayed some new launched showers at the show. The technologies of Water pillar, Gyrostream, Hydrohands and Aerial pulse etc. make shower time become a new experience.


A gentle and soft touch comes from Water pillar by concentrated yet soft water flow. Aerial pulse is a way of offering the water flow filled with air, which is knocked to countless energetic massage blisters, rhythmically moving along with strength of pulse massage to all parts of your body. Gyrostream is a unique speciality of TOTO, which can make water flow with more strength, rapidly rolling water spraying like flower. The continuous flying water speeds up the blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, and makes the full enjoyment of flushing like a SPA. All of the special technologies are considered outstanding comfort while using a little water. Aerial Pulse feature adds air in through the shower head to the water so that the shower head pulses the enlarged water droplets falling down to be felt as an invigorating and relaxing experience.

Improving perfect design with innovative functionality of shower products makes daily bathing change into a sensory experience.

Comprehensive clean

As a star product of TOTO, WASHLET always catch a focus at the expo. The concept “CLEAN IS HAPPY” has been known all over the world since 1980, the launch year of WASHLET. And the WASHLET products have been being loved by millions of consumers around the world. Now a new technology called Senitizing is added to WASHLET which basically provides a variety of comfortable functions including warm water cleansing, heated seat, warm air drying and deodorization after 30 years R&D. Sanitizing technology doesn’t require any additive. Normal domestic water will be turned into ewater after electrolyzation. According to this, ewater provided by WASHLET contains hypochilorous acid which, with its powerful degermation, can clean and remove bacteria and dirt that cannot be removed by normal flushing. The new type of WASHLET also has an automatic sensing function, such as automatic opening and closing for convenience.


About TOTO

TOTO was established in 1917. Nearly 100-year history seems like a water pulse along with the development of the brand TOTO. As the earliest maker of the intelligent sanitary products and one of the biggest plumbing products manufacturers in the world at the same time, TOTO offers a complete line of commercial and decorative plumbing fixtures and fittings, faucets, accessories, shower and flush valves, as well as lavatories, toilets, Air Baths and urinals.

TOTO leads and never follows in designing, engineering, refining and delivering innovative technology that enhances everyone’s daily life quality. No matter the NEOREST series which is a pinnacle of intelligent bath, or WASHLETS which enhance a new washing experience, or ECOMAX toilets which brings water consumption reducing into daily life, the products of TOTO are always keeping incomparably high quality to infuse sophisticated style with substance, optimize water conservation and provide consistent, exceptional performance.


There are many TOTO’s high quality products installations in the landmark architectures of China. The National Aquatics Center(the Water Cube), The National Stadium of China(Bird’s Nest), The National Grand Theater of China, Shanghai World Financial Center and New CCTV Building for example.

Reputation of TOTO

TOTO has built a solid reputation in enterprise strengthening, brand building, consumer satisfaction, design innovation, and environmental sustainability with its excellent product quality. TOTO has obtained for water contribution award, environmental contribution award and many other authoritative certifications. And TOTO is the only manufacturer in mainland China who obtains a Certificate for Ceramic Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection. In design section, TOTO won the world well-known rewards such as REDDOT and IF, which are all authoritative design awards several times.

TOTO Water Environment Fund

TOTO’s commitment to environmental sustainability goes “beyond compliance”. In order to enhance people’s awareness of ecology, TOTO Water Environmental Fund was set up in Beijing in 2008. The fund is used to finance and develop the public welfare such as water-saving and environmental activities and to foster environmental education and awareness of the whole society. A lot of events such as water-saving painting contest, water-saving technology seminar and promotion, products and stationary supplies donation to schools in poor area have been held since the establishment.

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