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On May 23, 2012, the 17th 2012 Kitchen & Bathroom China held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Annually kitchen and Bathroom exhibition is the best stage for each brand to show its new products. The kitchen and bathroom exhibition of this year displays not only the high-end series of NEOREST series, the leading products of TOTO's washlet, the ECOMAX toilets, the high-end faucets, but also launches the leading products of NEW NEOREST intelligent toilet and new washlet appricot. These two new products use the leading technology of sanitizing technology and hybrid system. These superior new products bring unprecedented bathroom experience to the customers. It is learnt that TOTO area located in Hall E1, has reached more than 500 square meters, and the large space is better to show the charm of TOTO's intelligent products to the visitors. 

Top Smart Bathroom Space, New NEOREST Intelligent Toilet


As its top suites series of TOTO representative, NEOREST series is still the highlight of the exhibition. NEOREST intelligent toilet with flush volume of only 3.8L, with excellent function and the fashion and elegant design, deserves to become the king of intelligent toilets. In appearance design, new intelligent toilet of NEOREST series continues the noble and elegant style. The intelligent toilet comprehensively promotes the space of bathroom. The auto function technology is one of TOTO's original technologies. When you close to toilet, the toilet lid will automatically open, and when you finish using the toilet, it will automatically flush, deodorant, and close.

The new NEOREST intelligent toilet uses TOTO’s new technology of sanitizing technology. The sanitizing technology rises in Japan in recent years, and it is a new technology with functions of sterilization, disinfection. The whole aseptic process doesn't need to add any other products. The ordinary life water can be formed to sanitizing water through electrolysis. The sanitizing water contains ingredients of hypochlorous acid, it has powerful aseptic effect, but no harm to human, so are widely used in hospital, hotel, food processing industry. After two hours the sanitizing water will be back to normal water, safe and environmental protection. Compared with silver ions aseptic, silver can only restrain bacterial growth, the sanitizing water has aseptic effect. The sanitizing technology aims at washlet's nozzle and toilet inner wall. Before each use, washlet will spout water mist in the whole wall, make the dirt not easy to stick. After use, it will automatically spout sanitizing water to clean the washlet nozzle and toilet wall. When the toilet hasn't been used more than 8 hours, washlet will spout sanitizing water to nozzle and toilet wall automatically. You can also open the sanitizing function at any time through the remote control, to ensure that the product is clean comprehensively, make every time ease and relieved.

The sanitizing technology comprehensively upgrades the clean effect of the new NEOREST intelligent toilet. It also effectively sweep away the bacteria that has never been cleared before, avoid residue dirt form macular besmirch, realize the real clean. It is reported, in the world any products has been adopted the technology before. TOTO with its powerful strength, again leads the industry's development. In addition to the sanitizing technology, this new intelligent toilet also has lots of other new functions, such as waves massage, the rhythm of the water waves, ensure massage washing result at the same time, more to reduce the water consumption of 1/2. The new women care wash, washing broader with soft water, to give women meticulous care in the special day.

Be worth what carry is, this kind of intelligent toilet implements the unique power of TOTO hybrid flushing system, "water tank type" flush with the "water pipe type" flush, double-effect stack, achieve strong flushing. With the guarantee of hybrid flush system, even in water pressure lower place, it can easily achieve water saving irrigation. This intelligent toilet can automatically identify water flush volume, in 3 L / 3.8 L to switch between. In addition to intelligent toilet, NEOREST series of other products, such as bathtubs, lavatories, showers and so on all contain the TOTO's high-end technologies. Hi-crystal technology、 Auto-function technology、WASHLET technology、Gyrostream technology、SMA technolgy……These advanced technologies that leads in the industry, makes TOTO NEOREST series become the representative series of smart bathroom. 

The innovation of clean technology, the leading product of TOTO’s new WASHLET


In addition to NEOREST intelligent toilet, TOTO has recently introduced the new WASHLET APPRICOT with sanitizing technology. It also has auto function technology, automatically open and close, use more convenient. On exterior design, this kind of WASHLET also highlights ultra-thin design, fashionable and beautiful. Be worth what carry is, the one-piece toilet has been developed especially for the new WASHLET APPRICOT. The installation lines has been hided easily, the design is very unique.

Green bathroom life




Since it established in 1917, TOTO has been committed to the innovation of clean technology, which not only enhance personal clean level, but also brought us a clean, environmental protection world. ECOMAX toilet is with the least amount of water to play out the biggest energy. The strong technical force flush of tornado technology, the cefiontect tecnology, plus cross-sectional area of 2.25 times for the traditional products 3 inches flush valve and special design of the sewage pipe, multiple technical support, realize the ECOMAX toilet super water saving. The Hydrotect technology, is TOTO's unique environment purification technology, through the power of the light and water clean environmental purification technology, with the functions of "antibacterial", "the pure," "disease-resistant poison", "antifouling", "deodorant" etc.

Elegant design leads the fashion trend



In insist of intelligence and environmental protection at the same time, TOTO appearance of the product design also walk in fashion frontier. Elegant Esqunale series, show a Victorian buildings style of Oriel series, the inspiration from Monet of Nypheams series, these high-end leading faucets series, the exterior is elegant, use comfortable. Among them, the Nypheams series has won IF awards. On the function, the faucets and showers of TOTO are also passing on science and technology of environmental protection genes. Aerial shower technology inject air into the water, make the faucet and the shower flow more soft and comfortable, bring cheerful enjoy shower experience. Compared with the traditional showers, aerial shower can save water of 35%. The eco power faucet uses water for its own energy providing. When the faucet is open, the current will through the built-in miniature hydraulic vortex machine, high speed rotating machine will scroll produce energy into electrical energy, through the use of the power capacitor tap to daily operation. The eco power faucet with small-sized sensors located in leading the outlet place, infrared ray induction distance by 100 mm reduced to 60 mm, not only react more precise and more to reduce the water splashed in the sleeve. Its super bubble technology, will effectively put air into water, reduces the use of the water volume to half. The all-in-one faucet that is displayed on the exhibition site has all the most advanced technologies. Automatic induction, foam spit water, eco power, all functions are concentrated in a small leading inside, highlights the beauty of science and technology.

Love special groups, the welfare products


Make all the persons enjoy a comfortable life is always the desire of TOTO. TOTO products are also with the human nature in the design known to the world. Considering the demands of the children, the elderly people and special groups, TOTO launches a series of special welfare products, such as the toilet lift, it can provide two models of vertical lift and slide lift, helps those legs bend, hard body forward easy to stand the instability of the complete takes a seat and got up and action crowd. And multi-purpose auxiliary armrest, multi-function nursing platform, baby chair and other products, the products from the user's point of view, design considerations thorough, the original and convenience to the use of users.

Close contact with intelligent bathroom, Shanghai TPC reopen

As the leader of the intelligent bathroom industry, TOTO during the four days of the exhibition fully display of its products and the leading advanced technologies, fully embodies the leading enterprise in the industry of strength. It is reported, recently, Shanghai TPC which is located on the 3rd floor at No. 408, Yishan Road has reopened. It not only displays the intelligent products but also shows TOTO's leading technologies. The new NEOREST intelligent toilet, the NEW WASHLET APPRICOT with sanitizing technology, the bathroom heating dryer, the aerial shower, the hydrotect products are all displayed in Shanghai TPC. In order to help the users to get more deep understanding of TOTO’s products, TOTO provides you with detailed technical demonstrations, you can have clear impression of hybrid technology, the sanitizing technology, and including the washlet functions of heating seat, intelligent deodorant, hip washing, women care washing, you can also have a visual experience and understanding. At the TPC site, you can also through the IPHOHE, IPAD, ITOUCH to remote operation of automatic TOTO intelligent seated toilets, realize the intelligent household life. And in order to bring the abstract tips of bathroom "technology" to show come out, TOTO Shanghai TPC has used many ways to their customers. In order to show the unique 3 D tornado technology, TOTO specially cut the toilet, through the transparent toilet model, you can clearly see the whole blunt water process: the keratocysts type swing flow, with powerful strength in toilet internal last swing, wall side parts increased a water outlet, which interacts with the edge outlet, forms the integrated 3 D flush effect, it is this unique blunt water solution to the problem of "low noise and water-saving washing difficult to coexist"; In order to clearly show gydrostream technology, with the aid of the illuminate of variable frequency lights, you can see the water spin technology unique water: rapid rotation of water like a flower bloom. It is this unique water technology that we can also enjoy SPA feeling; In the massage technology experience area, you can put your hands on the experience of specific setting in the mouth, feeling of this unique massage technology bring you perfect experience.

In the exhibition hall, the "transparent bathtub" is also be displayed, the surfing massage and whirlpool massage technologies are both displayed in front of you, make you have more deep understanding of TOTO's intelligent massage bathtubs. In addition, the eco power technology, the aerial technology, the hydrotect technology, the bathroom heating dryer are also displayed in front of the visitors.

It is reported that Shanghai TPC takes reservation system for designers, developers and professionals, and provide them professional services.

Welcome everyone to feel the charm of TOTO intelligent bathroom.
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