The Foundation of TOTO(Fujian)Co., LTD

Date: 2011.11.08 | NEWS

For more consumers to enjoy superior life

TOTO’s brand has developed rapidly in recent years, with advanced technology and high quality, TOTO has a high market share and recognition. In order to meet the increasing market demand in China, TOTO plans to increase its production capacity in the future, and strengthen the construction of China's factories to increase more production yields.

Recently, TOTO has established a new factory in Zhangzhou District, Fujian. The factory has been started on August 1, 2011, and now deals with the preparation work for the operation day. The factory deals with the production and processing of sanitation ceramics, bathtubs, faucets and accessories etc. It plans to put into operation in August, 2013. In the future, TOTO also plans to build 8 factories in China. Production capacity will be further upgraded. TOTO aims to meet the growing market demand in China, and always efforts to provide customers richer and higher quality products to make them enjoy superior life.



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