Perfect Intelligent Experience – The Debut of TOTO Guangzhou Super Space

Date: 2011.01.19 | NEWS

At the beginning of New Year 2011, TOTO Guangzhou Super Space has opened at Oct. 01, 2011. The location of TOTO Guangzhou Super Space is at No. 986, North Jiefang Rd., Yitai Square, Guangzhou, covering the area of 1,000 square meters. The General Manager of TOTO (China) Co., Ltd. Mr. Ablet attended the opening ceremony. The opening of TOTO Guangzhou Super Space also attracted a lot of consumers. The ceremony seems to be very crowed and lively.



Since TOTO has established its first Super Space in Shanghai in 2005, TOTO continues to set up other Super Space technical centers in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu. In order to meet market demand and develop South market better, TOTO has done a comprehensive upgrade for the Super Space in Guangzhou. Relocation, re-planning and re-fitting has been done in Guangzhou Super Space. As a result, a contemporary Super Space under the guidance of a new design concept came into being, and the bathroom trends, technology introductions, product experiments has been the important points for research and development.

In TOTO Guangzhou Super Space which is located in the commercial area of ​​Guangzhou, you can see the representative types of TOTO’s products. These products not only inherit TOTO hundred years of craftsmanship, but also contain a more convincing power of high-end technology. According to reports, TOTO Guangzhou Super Space has both product display and functions experiments. It will provide real estate developers, designers, construction companies and the common consumers the good quality of services. The customers can understand the technology and product advantages of TOTO in detail. The industries believe that the relocation of TOTO Guangzhou Super Space will set off a new round of competition of high-end bathroom brands.


TOTO Guangzhou Super Space mainly displays series products, and extends to use simple design style of TOTO. High-end series have been displayed on the first floor. Luxury NEOREST/LE Series, luxurious atmosphere of NEW EXCELSIOR Series, simple style of LLOYD Series and European style of NEXUS Series have all been displayed in TOTO Guangzhou Super Space. To meet the individual needs of different customers, TOTO has provided various styles of bathroom space options. It is worth mentioning that the top NEOREST/LE Series has also been displayed in the Super Space.

The products of NEOREST/LE Series feature a unique material, and the hi-crystal material brings an unparalleled sense of intoxication. The shower which has the unique technology of gyrostream can swing out of continuous rotary shower water. This kind of shower can speed up your blood circulation and relieve muscle fatigue. Even in the shower process, you can also enjoy the true feelings of SPA massage. The integrated technologies of NEOREST toilet are very humane. Users who choose this product no longer need to open and close potty cover by hands, no longer need to manually flush. TOTO’s auto function plays the ultimate combination of art and technology, you only need to gently close to potty lid, and it will open automatically. When you are finished, it will automatically close after flushing and deodorizing itself. In addition, the toilet is also equipped with WAHLET function. The toilet has friendly design and thoughtful-oriented features, and the unique water flushing system can protect and clean your tender skin. The heated seat of WASHLET can keep warm of your body in winter season. The WASHLET also has the function of dryer and deodorizer. It is also concerned about the aspects of water-saving and eco life for the public persons. The toilet of NEOREST/LE has the flushing volume of 3L and 4.8L, and it can automatically decide the flush volume. The perfect wall-hung automatic toilet water undoubtedly becomes the king of smart water-saving toilet.


Inside TOTO Super Space, there is equipped with an area of technology experiments. The visitors can experience the space more directly. They can also have the opportunity to close to the world top bathroom technologies, and experience the real charm of TOTO’s products.

In order to show strong flushing power of TOTO’s toilet, two half-cut models of toilets are displayed in the space for clearly seeing the unique tornado technology of TOTO’s toilet. Other technologies of ECOPOWER and SMA can also be shown in front of the customers. Every detail is from the practical point of view, each technology is derived from the people-oriented considerations. This will be the best platform to display TOTO's excellent products.


TOTO’s HYDROTECT tiles have been displayed in the public area of the space. HYDROTECT has obtained national patent certificate, and has the features of odorless, anti-bacterial, self-cleaning. The ECOPOWER technology is to provide for the energy of faucet through the flow of water. Digital fuzzy theory flush urinal and all the advanced public products are all displayed in the space.

The Southern region of China has been the key markets of TOTO. As the largest showroom in southern China, TOTO Guangzhou Super Space will cover Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan and other regions. The open of TOTO Guangzhou Super Space will help to display products for the customers, and help the customers to understand the integrated technologies of TOTO’s products.

The new appearance of TOTO Guangzhou Super Space brings the future of intelligent space trip. Each product contains the pursuit of quality of life, and shows the human design and the perfect combination of intelligent technology. As a new platform, TOTO’s products displayed in TOTO Guangzhou Super Space bring comfortable life style to their customers, and show the unique charm of TOTO’s smart bathroom products. 

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