TOTO Was Awarded the Type II China’s Environmental Labeling (10-Ring) Certifivation.

Date: 2009.04.21 | NEWS

Through the unrimitting efforts and continuous innovation in energy & water conservation and environment protection, TOTO has won the certifaication for type II China’s Environmental Labeling (10-ring), and will continue to make more contributions for environment protection and energy conservation.

0421[ISO14024-1999], set up on the standard of the evaluation system established by the third party according to the product life circle and certificated by the certification center of the State Environmental Protection Agency of China, is a mark based on mutiple criteria and the most authoritative green mark at present. It can accept certifications of 57 categories of products and has cooperated with multi-national environmental protection agencies in Europe nowadays, thus it will become an international mark. So far, more than 2,400 enterprises have got the mark. The time for certification needs about 90 days.

10-ring mark is an official demonstrative trademark of products. The central structure of the mark represents the human environment, and the peripheral ten rings joint tightly with one another, representing that the public’s participation in protecting the environment together; meanwhile, “Huan (ring)” in Chinese is similar to the first word of Huan Bao(environment protection), which means that “all the people cooperate to protect the human environment together”, thus the mark is called “10-ring mark”. The products allowed to use the mark not only have qualified qualities but also meet the specific environment protection requirements in production, application and processing. Compared with the products of the same kind, the products allowed to use the mark have the environment-friendly superiorities such as with low toxicity, less harm and resources conservation.

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