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      • Series Name:
        Basic Series
      • Model:
      • Product Name:
        Elongated wall-mounted toilet with concealed tank
      • Size:
      • Dual Flush Volume:
      • Water efficiency grade:
        Grade 2
      • Drainage mode:
        Rear Drainage
      • Flush Type:
        3D Tornado Flush
      • Toilet Rough-in:
      • Water Inlet Requirement:
      • Color:
      • Technology:
      • BASIC series with simple and stylish design

      • With CeFiONtect and smooth surface exceeding nanometer-class designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
      • Without need of excessive water and cleaning agent
      • Equipped with a cover of high hardness which is designed in accordance with the profile of the toilet and provided with the function of slow descending to achieve quiet closing of the seat and cover
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