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        Resin Adhesive
      • Size:
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      • Color:
        • 04
        • 05
      • Remark:
        Only one size, 147x897mm, is provided for the products with No.05 color; the sizes, 147x597mm and 147x897mm, are not provided for other products except those with No.04&05 colors.
      • Technology:
        • Hydrotect
      • The unique advantage of HYDOROTECT ceramic panels is reflected in that their applicabilities are promoted widely. They can be used in various indoor places. No matter for use in public places such as hospitals, bathrooms, washing rooms, etc or for use as dados of kitchen walls and cabinets, the HYDOROTECT ceramic panels are all applicable.
      • With the HYDOROTECT function as well as scratch, stain & corrosion-resistant characteristics, the HYDOROTECT ceramic panels combine both practicabilities and beautifulness, and add glamour to indoor spaces.
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