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      • Product Name:
        Non-apron cast iron whirlpool massager bathtub
      • Size:
      • Capacity:
      • Number of shower nozzles:
      • Massage Type:
      • Power:
      • RatedPower:
      • Type:
        Deep bathtub,without apron, with grab bar
      • Drainage accessories:
        The drain hardware DB505R-2 shall be fitted additionally.
      • Color:
      • Technology:
      • Newly designed massage switch, looking nice and holding good operability
      • The nozzle is small and exquisite, and the direction and intensity of massage can be regulated freely.
      • Automatic timing: 20 min set for massage
      • Automatic Protection: The pump will not operate in case there is no water in bathtub
      • Over-load Protection: The pump will automatically stop in case of blocking water intake.
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