TOTO helps WenXi county HuiKeng village with drinking water safety project construction

Time: 2014.01.27


With the environment protect vision of Green challenge; TOTO launched a series of environmental protection activities related with the theme of green, energy-saving, environmental protection. Among those activities, The China Environmental Protection Foundation--TOTO water environment fund, has sponsored and carried out numerous water-saving environmental protection activities since its establishment from 2008. Recently, the drinking water safety project funded by TOTO in WenXi county HuiKeng village ShanXi Province officially completed, which solves the water supply problem for local people.

HuiKeng village YangYu canton Wenxi County, located in Shanxi province Yuncheng city, belongs to the Loess Plateau, with continuous rolling hills and endless sandstorm. This area is famous for its lack of rain since ancient times Due to little precipitation and sparse vegetation, the local groundwater resource is deficient, not to mention the drinking water for local people and livestock. Although there is a clean water resource in the west part of the village, the local people cannot fully exploit and take advantages of this water resource due to the rugged and dangerous terrain. This village supplies drinking water in specific time due to the limited water resource, which tremendously hampered the development of the lives of local people the productivity. Until now people in this village still relies on vegetables sent from dozens of kilometers away for the reason that there is no irrigated field in this village.

In the summer of 2013, TOTO (China) Co., Ltd., together with China Environmental Protection Foundation, went back HuiKeng Village with careful inspection and field trips, finally made a very important decision to provide assistance for “WenXi county HuiKeng village with drinking water safety project construction “and put it into practice. WenXi county HuiKeng village with drinking water safety project mainly includes three parts: retain the flood and water storage, flow water from deep ditch, and supply fresh water to local hope elementary school, with the total RMB 828711 investment The China Environmental Protection Foundation--TOTO water environment fund sponsored RMB 339700 The project has been strongly supported and guided by the People’s government in Wenxi County, Wenxi County Water Conservancy Bureau and People's government in YangYu canton. There were a lot of heart- touching moments and stories, especially a large number of unrewarded construction personnel dedicated themselves in this project. Finally this project was smoothly implemented on time with the efforts and coordination from all the people.

In 2013 December, this project completed. The completion of this project guaranteed enough edible drinking water supply for HuiKeng people, the students of HuiKeng Hope elementary school and even all the livestock here, and to a great extent alleviated the difficulties for people and livestock drinking water. Meanwhile, this project provided great convenience for farmland irrigation, cooperative production and processing, which lay the good foundation for restructure of the plant industry and the development of characteristic agriculture.

At the same time, to provide a better learning environment for the students in hope elementary school, TOTO donated a batch of stationery to them. TOTO hopes to make a real help to improve the learning environment for the local poor children.

Since 2008, The China Environmental Protection Foundation--TOTO water environment fund has funded and organized a series of public welfare activities, including water-saving creative poster contest, water-saving technologies award, water-saving technology seminar, water-saving knowledge propaganda. At the same time, TOTO has supported many water projects construction in dry and poor area, such as the water resource construction and protection in Alashan Right Banner Bayan gol village in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and water centralized supply and water resource protection in Yiwu County in Xinjiang. In the future, The China Environmental Protection Foundation--TOTO water environment fund will carry out more relevant activities to solve the shortage of water in the dry and poor area.


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