Admin & HR Specialist
  • Department: Affairs Dept.
  • Area of Interest: ShangHai
  • Posted date: 2010-08-24
  • Number: 1
  • Age: 30 years old below
  • Education: University degree (full-time) or above
Job Description:
  1. -Responsible for administrative and HR work in East China
  2. Major tasks:
  3. -Participate in establishing and improving a comprehensive company training system, organizing different types of training program of the company;
  4. -Assist in integrating and drafting documents to improve relative HR systems of the company;
  5. -Employee relations coordination and management. Assist in organizing company activities, improving corporate culture dynamics;
  6. -Tasks of supervisors
Job Request:
  1. -Job location: Shanghai
  2. -Bachelor’s Degree (full-time) or above, 30-year-old below. Available to both male and female; Shanghai Hukou will be a plus;
  3. -JLPT-1 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test - 1), fluent in spoken Japanese in daily communication
  4. -Familiar with National and regional (Shanghai area) HR law and regulations;
  5. -Mastery of Microsoft Office, and skilled in making PPT independently;
  6. -Of high sense of responsibility, down-to-earth and positive working attitude, and willing to work under pressure;
  7. -Good interpersonal and communication and coordination skills, with high team-work spirits;
  8. -2-year + relevant working experience in administration and HR.
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