DBA/SOL Sever Administrator/Database Administrator
  • Department: Affairs department
  • Area of Interest: ShangHai
  • Posted date: 2010-08-24
  • Number: 1
  • Age: 30 years old below
  • Education: University degree (full-time) or above
Job Description:
  1. Design and plan high-effect database servers on the basis of the existing resources;
  2. Plan the rights management of the database safety management, control and monitor users’ access to the database;
  3. Plan the index strategies of the database list, monitor and optimize the performances of the database;
  4. Plan the backup strategies of the database and carry out tests regularly;
  5. Modify the structure of the database if necessary according to the feedback information given by the developers.
  6. Compile and update the detailed design documents, and explain the service requirements and technical solutions in detail;
  7. Utilize .NET to configure, design, develop and test the BI.
Job Request:
  1. With experiences in database management based on the Microsoft Platform, .net developing, BI, etc;
  2. with a full-time college degree or above, majored in computer science or equivalent and with more than one year of working experiences;
  3. Excellent in SQL Serve, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, web services;
  4. Be able to expertly use programming tools such as .NET and MSSQL;
  5. Be able to independently complete the relevant work and with good communication and coordination abilities as well as the teamwork spirit.
  6. Those who are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics AX are preferred;
  7. Those who are familiar with the iQ4bis BI System are preferred;
customer service hotline: 800-820-9787   400-820-9787