• IF

    The iF Design Award, awarded since from 1953, is a well-known prize aimed at promoting and revitalizing the cutting-edge designs and it is also an authoritative design award that the enterprises and the designers in the world scope go in for. The award is divided into several aspects including the product design award, the communication design award and the concept design award, and it is the largest and the most authoritative design competition the world at present.

    • Neorest NX
    • LW5616B/CB
    • LW5616B/CB
    • LW4715B LW4716B
    • LW4706B LW4724B
    • TYC323W
    • CES4731ECS
    • CES403ECS
    • CI现代系列——洗面器
    • CI现代系列——浴缸
    • CES9786JCST/CES9786PJCST
    • Contemporary
    • MRZ710C CB1/MRZ710C CB2
    • TMX95A-V200
    • DL349E
    • DLE110AS
    • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
  • IF

    The red dot design award, hosted by Nordrhein Westfalen from German Design Zentrum, is an international product design prize awarded since 1955.

    The red dot award is divided into the “red dot award: product design”, the “red dot award: communication design” and the “red dot award: design concept”, among which the product design award mainly aims at the products sold in the last two years.

    • Neorest NX
    • GA series lavatory faucet
    • GR series
    • GO series
    • GS series lavatory faucet
    • CI series bathroom Furniture
    • LW3717HB
    • LW3716HB
    • Hand Shower
    • DBX117CA
    • DL369
    • DL224
    • TCF4732CS-TCF4722CS
    • DL356
    • CES9786JCST/CES9786PJCST
    • PYK1820C
    • CW998B
    • MRZ740C PA1/MRZ740C PA6
    • CES9683JCS/CES9683PJCS
    • MR720CCR1
  • IF

    Organized annually by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, together with The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, GREEN GOOD DESIGN is the benchmark for new designs that foster a greater sense of ecological-based design, eco-innovation, conservation, green technologies, renewable energy, and sustainability to better the quality of both life and the environment.

    • CES993WCS
    • CES4721ECS/CES4731ECS
    • CW636B
    • TEXN20AL-V200R
    • DLE126A1+DLE124DH+DLE424SMA
    • DBX139CAM
    • DBX114CAMR
    • DBX115CAMR
    • DBX117CA
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