The National Evaluation of the Sanitary Wares for Architectures— TOTO’s Products Won the First and the Second Prizes

Date: 2010.02.05 | NEWS

Various water-saving toilets, magic technology introductions, dazzling advertisement stunts…, facing endlessly emerging water-saving products, the average consumers most want to know which kind of water-saving toilet uses less water, has strong flush and good drainage effects. In consideration of this situation, the Kitchen & Bath Works Committee of the China Building Decoration Association cooperated with the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Architecture & Sanitary Ceramics to fairly evaluate the performances of the toilets of the international and inland well-known brands in the markets.

After 5 months of rigorous and objective evaluation, two-types of TOTO’s toilets, CW744RB/SW743B and CW923B, ranked the top two in the overall evaluation scores and respectively won the first prize and the second prize.

 Prizes-winning Products

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