The Tour of Tadao Ando’s Architectures will Be Newly Initiated

Date: 2009.04.29 | Market Promotion

 “The tour of Tadao Ando’s architectures" initiated by the Architectural Society of Shanghai and the CA-GROUP received wide recognition from architects, designers and amateurs. From 2006 to now, the times of departure has been accumulated to 6 and altogether 165 people took part in.

“The tour of Tadao Ando’s architectures and arts" in 2009 will readjust the route according to the requirements of many architects and plans to be launched in June of 2009. The new route retains the architectures that made deep impression on students in the first plan and makes upgrading in the arts, tour and hotels. Ando’s projects in Nashua Island will be added in so as to further highlight the relation among architectures, arts, humanities and the nature, making the communication and interaction among the students deeper; Tidal Ando’s projects such as the 21_21 Design Sight and the International Children’s Digital Library will be even added in the Tokyo arrangements and the students will visit the well-known TOTO Gallery MA so the design experiences of the whole tour will be upgraded; two hotels designed by Tidal Ando and two design hotels respectively located in the downtowns of Osaka and Tokyo will be chosen fro visiting, truly reflecting the idea of 24-hour architectural experience.

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